Charles McFarlin

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Because sometimes strange is not strange enough

Composition Piece

Compostion Piece

This piece was made during my first year here at Bradley, when I was in Art 105, 2D design. It was to be a composition piece of photos manipulated by Photoshop and material made with photoshop and illustrator. Now the stairs, the bricks, and the silhouette were pictures I had taken in the Bradley Art Building, and while the stairs and bricks were manipulated in photoshop, the silhouette was changed in illustrator. Finally, the orbs which are in the piece were made in Illustrator. In all, I like this piece, because it is my creativity but without a real end goal or idea that it is based on, and just lead to something nice to look at. And it was also a good experience because I learned a lot about Photoshop and Illustrator.